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Learn about Chelan’s Parks & Recreation System Master Plan here.

Why Plan the Parks System?

January Gehl (1987), the Danish urbanist and architect, states, "The proper hierarchy of planning is life, space and buildings, not buildings, space, life." Therefore, communities need to plan for open spaces that provide a multitude of public functions before development occurs. These functions are numerous and may include:

  • Protection of natural resources and biodiversity

  • Creation of places for recreation

  • Support for economic development opportunities

  • Development of neighborhood gathering spaces

  • Promotion of public health benefits

  • Creation of civic and cultural infrastructure

  • Shaping patterns of development through open spaces

Eysenbach/American Planning Association, M. E (2006). Parks and open space plans. In Planning and urban design standards (page 38). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons.

Lakeside Park

This Plan.

This plan demonstrates the City of Chelan's commitment to providing a systematic, strategic planning process to determine how best to develop our community’s park system.

It recognizes the social, economic, health, and environmental benefits, that parks provide.

The success of this plan requires active public engagement and participation in the planning process.

Please help shape the future of Chelan by completing surveys, attending public meetings, and subscribing to the Parks Mailing List to receive the latest info.

Process to Date

plan progress

Presentation to Council

Our consultants describe the project to City Council on 7/13/21

Kick off Meetings

This series of meetings took course over 3 days to gather public input in order to formulate survey questions, to allow our consultants to evaluate our parks and begin the mapping process. Click below to see the slide presentation from the open forum.

Chelan Public Waterfront Design Workshops

This series of 4 meetings explored initial master planning efforts for the Chelan Public Waterfront comprised of Don Morse Park and the Lakeshore Marina.

Click here for voting board 1

Click here for voting board 2

Open Link Survey

Please take our quick survey to let us know what you’d love to see for your parks system. Please don’t delay!

Online GIS Tool

The Park Serve mapping tool, hosted by The Trust for Public Land, provides a data driven look at a diverse range of factors used to plan park systems.

Public Meeting - Findings

February 2, 2022

This public meeting was held on February 2, 2022 with 23 residents in attendance.

Survey results, the latest iteration of the Master Plan for the Chelan Waterfront, level of service analyses, and recurring themes observed by the consultant team. This meeting gathered public feedback to ensure that the plan is on the right track.


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What's important to you?

What aspects of Chelan should the Parks System reflect. What are the community values that guide the development of the parks? What the best of the old that should be preserved, what new things inspire you? To what do we aspire as a community?

What societal benefits should the parks provide: Economic Development and Tourism, Health, Conservation of Land, Preservation of Water Quality, Equal Access to the Lake, Recreational Opportunities/ Programming, Cultural Programming, Quality Design?

Thanks for your interest!

Help shape Chelan’s Parks and Recreation System!

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